FAQ about Bel Canto

What is Bel Canto?

Bel Canto means, literally, “beautiful singing”. It’s teaching is based on storytelling.

When did the Bel Canto school emerge?

It originated in Italy around the 16th and 17th centuries.

How long has this school been established?

The school was first started here in Ireland on Frank’s return in 1983.

Who are the teachers in the school?

The two teachers in the school are founder, Frank Merriman and Edwin Willamson, a past student.

What singers have used or use this school of singing?

There have been many different singers who would have studied the Bel Canto style, such as Enrico Caruso, John McCormack, Dorothy Kirsten, Frank Sinatra and many more. Click here to find out more.

FAQ about Studying

Is it purely a singing school for opera singers?

No, because it is based on storytelling, it can be used for any style of singing. All styles of songs and vocal material are studied at the school; from Irish ballads to popular songs to operatic arias.

Do you have to be a trained singer before you begin to learn the Bel Canto school?

No, our school is based on the philosophy that everyone can sing perfectly well already. People only have problems with their singing when they try to force their voices and try to do things with their voices that are not natural..

How is the Bel Canto school taught?

Singing is taught in Bel Canto House through the art of storytelling. New students are always surprised when they don’t see a piano in the room when they arrive for a singing lesson and when they are not given breathing exercises or vocal scales to practise at home. This is because singing in Bel Canto House is taught in a natural non-technical way where people’s innate ability to tell stories is awoken and this is what makes the Bel Canto School of Singing such a unique and exceptional place.

What are the ways that you can get tuition in this school?

Singing tuition at the school comprises both individual and group classes. The individual classes are designed to identify and isolate particular given faults in the student’s use of his or her voice. The group classes are designed to complement the on-going one to one tuition.

Who were some of the past students, who have been successful in a professional career?

Sinead O’Connor, Samantha Mumba and Christy Dignam have all attended the school. Click here to find out more.

How do I book tuition(s)?

The procedure we have for bookings singing lessons is that an individual can make an appointment to have their voice assessed here at the school. Having heard you, we will be able to show you what needs putting right in your voice and also show you how we would be working with you if you were studying at the school. To arrange a voice assessment contact us.

How do I get to the school?

The school is located within walking distance of the centre of Dublin, approximately 5 minutes walking from O’Connell Street, which is served by the majority of bus routes into Dublin city center. Click here to view a map of the school location.